T. Jose Gatás Nazario created 6 hats entertainment in 2011 but had previously been in the business as an executive producer for around 20 years, producing TVCs, Drama Series, Entertainment shows and feature films all around the world for both Linear and digital platforms. Tárec-Jose worked for major media companies around the world, such as Universal studios (Spain), Telemundo (Miami), Endemol-Shine (Argentina & Middle East), Bowfinger (Portugal and Spain), twofour54 (UAE) and much more.


A quick look at T. Jose’s Achievement in resume would be as follows: 

T. Jose has two Masters, cinema and TV from NYFA and an MBA with Merit from University of Liverpool focusing on Consumer behavior, Marketing and Leadership of multicultural teams. Tárec-Jose fluently speaks 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Certified in creative thinking and brainstorming facilitation and always creating disruptive changes and coming up with new tactics and plans that suit the fast changing environment and deal with the uncertainties.

1. 18 years executive producer of scripted and non-scripted formats, TVC, Corporate Videos, Feature films, Digital Media catering for a wide variety of demographics from Europe to Mena Region.

2. 10+ Years creating marketing content, Acquiring, Pitching and producing/ co-producing with the vision of “one to one marketing” to linear and digital platforms.

3. 7+ years as a Creative/ Lateral thinking coach leading brainstorming sessions for content development (TV, TVC, Marketing & Sales strategies).

4. 6 years, content development experience in the Digital Media, Marketing and sales over linear and digital platforms: Free, Basic and premium pay, CCTV, IPTV, PPV, OTT, SVOD, TVOD, AVOD.

5. An extensive personal connection with most of the Media networks in the MENA region and Iberia.

6. 10+ Years acquiring indirect exposures, sponsorships and creating and handling advertising campaigns for the productions that I am working over, within the market of Linear and digital networks, through TV markets, emails, and social media.

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