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We were born in 2011, and since then, we have been creating and producing content for multiple platforms. With time going by, we have evolved, and our content creation and production have become quite disruptive to serve the constantly changing linear, digital and marketing channels. In few words, this is what we do.


Our creative team is certified in creative thinking and brainstorming facilitation, which matches their talent and creativity. 

We are always happy to sit and brainstorm with the clients to understand their needs and come out with the best possible product. As for the scripted productions, We develop storylines and climaxes in scripted fiction for TV / Web series, feature films and games. 6 hats has more than 20 formats which vary between fiction, entertainment, reality, lifestyle and talk shows


The network of professionals that 6 hats entertainment works with, consists of highly creative and accomplished individuals who have an extensive experience and continuous innovation and problem solving talent. Our network consists of creative people, competent producers, whiz artists.

Directors, skillful photographers, and fixers all extending to a wide footprint of the Globe starting from the Middle east expanding to Europe, the Baltics, Latin America and Russia.


We have a Joint Venture with a massive state of the art equipment servicing and rental company. They have studios in different countries of the Middle East and Europe. Therefore, we have full access to the best equipment and lowest prices in many different countries.


We have a Joint Venture with a five times Los Angeles Taurus award winner director “Federico Cueva” and the best Stunt effects company in Argentina, Spain, Portugal, and MENA to execute car races, car flips, Explosions, fights and gun shooting. Needless to say, we can provide the best prices and quality for the execution of all your stunt scenes or game shows.


With highly trained and experienced professionals from all over the world, we manage to allocate the right producers, artists, and technicians based on the project needs. Our production team speaks Arabic, French, English, and Spanish and is available to travel to different countries for the pre-production,


We are pioneers in identifying the purpose, setting priorities, identifying and analyzing the audience. We carefully chose our content, trying to find our uniqueness while searching for the best trends. 

In our marketing approach, we use a balance between emotional and rational marketing, since trying to get your message to appeal to your entire consumer is tricky. We mix our strategies with lifestyle choices, aspirational stories, and luxurious features, and then balance it with a practical, rational approach which will bring out the facts and figures that make a product stand out. 

 Striking the right chord with consumers can be a challenge, this is why we have a team of creative people who would use the best techniques in brainstorming to come out with the best marketing plan that would create the disruption that the client is seeking.

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